Using Living Walls and STEAM
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Past Artist in Residency Programs

We have worked youth to inspire human to nature connections in the United States, Mexico, Uganda, and Malaysia. As an organization, we strive to connect youth nature and create change-agents of sustainable development.

Living Wall Maker Workshop: Arkansas
Living wall maker workshop in Arkansas
Living Wall Workshop: Iowa
Living wall workshop in Des Moines, Iowa
Living Wall Workshop: Minnesota
Living wall workshop in Minnesota
Living Wall Workshop: Mexico
Living Wall workshop in Mexicali, BC, Mexico
Environmental Education: Uganda
Environmental education research workshop in Kampala, Uganda
Connecting Kids to Nature: Malaysia
Connecting youth to Nature in Malaysia
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Artist in Residency Program

The Living Wall Artist in Residency program is formatted to use art as a tool to combine vertical gardening with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, which will allow students to be inspired to think differently about sustainable development. After completing the workshop, students will have gained an understanding in biology and its uses within architecture and engineering, skills in design thinking, basic fabrication methods of a physical living wall, and an understanding on-going plant-care.


Inspire youth about the use of plants within Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.



Provide youth with collaborative skills, and use methods of design thinking to develop their own living wall for the school.

Througgh dedicated teams, on-going plant care will occur during the duration of the living wall installation. 



Founded in 2013 by a Pediatrician and a Landscape Architect, Project Sustainability, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was created with primary goal to connect youth to nature and inspire them to be change-agents in sustainable development. Since its founding, Project Sustainability has been active with research and developing an effective Artist in Residency program that combines nature with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematic fields through passive and interactive methods. 

Most recently, the founders of Project Sustainability, Michael McCullough and Dr. Mollika Sajady have focused on academic publications and spreading the important message that the human to nature relationship is critical to mental health, city development, and our planet.

Be on the lookout for our recent TED talk that took place in Sendai, Japan in April 2019!


Inquire about an Artist in Residency Program at your School

To learn about our model curriculum or design a custom Artist in Residency program, please reach out to us!

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